eJPT Exam Review

What is eJPT

The eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) is a 100% practical certification focused on penetration testing and the essentials of information security. By passing the exam, you prove to employers that you have the skills necessary to serve as an entry level cyber security employee.

  • Exam Certificate Voucher Price: $200 (the training is not included in this price).

  • Training: provided by INE.

  • Duration: the exam took me around 5 hours and I passed with a score of 90%.

I have previous cyber security experience and decided to not complete the prep course before finishing the exam. As a reflection of this, my overview will be brief.


The course instructor was Lukasz Mikula. He helps you work through penetration testing basics as well as some programming skills.

The course prep teaches networking, routing, ARP spoofing, and more. I found the individual course modules to be both fun and enjoyable.

The course also provides “eJPT Exam Preperation”, which includes three instructional videos and two labs for you to solve. Students learn basics as well as an intro to buffer overflow.

One downside I recognized is the outdated content, which I believe is from around 2019. They already have updates in the works and a new version of the course is currently in beta.

Since this is a small review, I will finish for now and possibly add more in the future.

This is the certificate I received for completing the exam.

eJPT Certificate

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